Hitgeheim Country Lodge

Discovering the Wonders of Hitgeheim Country Lodge

Immerse yourself in the peaceful embrace of Hitgeheim, where the essence of South African hospitality, delightful dining, and extraordinary Malaria-Free Wildlife Safari experiences await, promising adventure and awe at every turn.

Adventure Awaits: Discover Hitgeheim Country Lodge

Step into a world where the noise and chaos of the modern world fade away, and serenity embraces you at every turn. At Hitgeheim Country Lodge, your journey is a voyage into a haven of peace, offering authentic South African hospitality, exceptional dining, and the thrill of Malaria-Free Wildlife Safaris that overflow with wonder and excitement.

Welcome to Hitgeheim Country Lodge

Welcome to Hitgeheim Country Lodge, your gateway to the magnificent Addo National Park. Located just 10 minutes away from the park’s main entrance, Hitgeheim Country Lodge offers an unforgettable safari experience in the heart of South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

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