Discovering the Wonders of Hitgeheim Country Lodge

Welcome to Hitgeheim Country Lodge, a haven where tranquillity reigns, offering a respite from the clamour of the modern world. Immerse yourself in the peaceful embrace of Hitgeheim, where the essence of South African hospitality, delightful dining, and extraordinary Malaria-Free Wildlife Safari experiences await, promising adventure and awe at every turn.

A Stone’s Throw from Conservation Triumph: Addo Elephant National Park

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the renowned Addo Elephant National Park, Hitgeheim Country Lodge takes pride in its proximity to one of Africa’s most successful conservation projects. This park, the third largest in South Africa, is home to the iconic Southern African Elephant herds, many of which are mostly tuskless, adding to their unique allure.

Unforgettable Safaris: Witnessing Nature’s Majesty

Our exceptional location offers guests the chance to embark on unforgettable, in-house arranged safaris within Addo Elephant National Park. Here, amidst their natural habitat, you can witness the majesty of these gentle giants in substantial numbers. It’s not just about Elephants; our safaris introduce you to the extraordinary disease-free African Buffalo, and the captivating stories of our distinct Lions and other wildlife species that cannot be fully appreciated from a guidebook.

Hitgeheim Country Lodge

Untold Stories of the Wild: A Unique Safari Experience

At Hitgeheim Country Lodge, we believe that every species has a story, a history that goes beyond words on a page. Our highly trained and dedicated guides, equipped with luxurious open safari vehicles, provide not just a safari but an immersion into the unique narratives of the African wilderness. Whether it’s the resilience of African Buffalo, the untold tales of Lions, or the iconic Southern African Elephants, every encounter is a chapter in the living story of our natural world.

Your Gateway to the Best Elephant Viewing in the World

Hitgeheim Country Lodge is your gateway to the best Elephant viewing in the world. Our commitment to unparalleled comfort, exceptional service, and world-class hospitality ensures that your safari experience is not just an adventure but a celebration of the extraordinary. Join us on a journey where each moment is a revelation, each encounter a story waiting to be told.

Book your stay at Hitgeheim Country Lodge and let the wonders of the African wilderness unfold before you in style and luxury.

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